Dear Faithful of Christ the Savior,

Christ is in our midst!

Praise God, today I received the approval from His Beatitude to begin the process of reopening! The first phase is an allowance for Sat. night, and Sun. mornings, with a limited crew of 6 people. 
New Haven county has had a decline in cases over the last two weeks, so next week I will petition again to increase the number of those who can attend services, and also ask if we can serve multiple liturgies during the week in order to get the maximum number of people to Church throughout the week. 
Many of you have asked about outside liturgies.  I will ask for a blessing in the next petition. Outside religious gatherings are limited to 150, so we could all be there, while maintaining social distancing. 
As far as streaming services go, I am currently working on switching our internet service to a provider that gives us the speed required to stream. I worked on some test streams today and it was so choppy that it was unwatchable. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel! God bless you all! 
Attached is the bulletin for June.

In Christ,
Fr. Moses

Please click the link below to download.
June Bulletin