Dear Parishioners and Friends of Christ the Savior Community,

Recently I heard from a man who said that his first time in an Orthodox church was Forgiveness Sunday Vespers. He related that here in community was everything he yearned for when reading the gospel. He has been a faithful Orthodox Christian now for 7 years. Last week I received a phone call from the local Methodist Minister asking if he could again bring his “confirmation class” to Forgiveness Vespers because this service made such a deep impression on both teens and adults who came in the past. To those who are dying of starvation and meaning in their life what is offered here in March is like  the greatest life saving food. Sometimes we who have it all can look at this calendar and bulletin to see only a vending machine, and sometimes one that is stuck, just taking our change without giving anything. I pray that for all of us this Lent is: A joyful and bright time that will give us renewed hope and confidence as we are fed with forgiveness and love in community.
The Lord Bless your March and Holy and Great Lent.
Fr. Vladimir

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