Christ the Savior has received a blessing to increase the number of parishioners at each service!

The parish may now have 25% of the building’s capacity present for services (37 people). In order to facilitate adherence to these guidelines, those interested in participating in-person must sign up via Sign Up Genius by clicking here.

Services will continue to be streamed on Facebook Live until further notice for those of you who wish to remain at home.

Service Times:
– Saturday Vespers: 6:00pm
– Sunday Hours & Divine Liturgy: 9:15am
Liturgy on July 5 will be held outdoors, weather permitting.

Below are guidelines regarding some temporary changes that we must adhere to for this time. By following these directives, we are acting in obedience to our bishop and to the civil authorities. 

  • If you choose to attend Church, you do so at your own risk. 
  • You must sign up in advance for each service you wish to attend.
  • Do NOT come to Church if you have a credible reason to believe that you are either sick with COVID-19 or carrying the novel coronavirus. If you are returning from these following states you should not attend Church for 14 days. The states are: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. This is due to an increase in Covid cases in these states, and that our Gov. has asked anyone returning from these states to self-quarantine for 14 days. 
  • Face masks are mandatory, except for the Priest, Deacon, and one server. Servers will stay within the altar area.
  • You must take your temperature before your arrival at Church. Your temperature cannot be above 100.4 degrees (Fahrenheit) if you wish to attend Church. 
  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands upon entrance. (We have hand sanitizer at Church.) 
  • Strict “social distancing” will be enforced. Stay at least six feet away from every other person at all times. (The only exception to this is the moment when you receive Holy Communion.)  Of course, you are not required to stay apart from those you live with.
  • Do not touch anything in Church, other than where you sit, please venerate icons with bows made from a distance. 
  • When receiving Holy Communion
    • Fr. Moses will wear a mask during the distribution of communion.
    • There will not be servers holding cloths. 
    • Each communicant will approach the chalice and take a paper napkin that will be provided. 
    • The napkin should be held under the mouth to prevent any of the mysteries from falling to the ground. 
    • Each person will wipe their own mouth and then place the napkin in a metal bowl. The paper napkins will be burned after the service.
    • Please tilt your head back as much as possible, and open your mouth wide so Fr. Moses can let the mysteries fall into your mouth.
  • We will not have candles available in Church. 
  • We will not place out any chairs. If however, there is not enough room on the bench and you need one, feel free to get one and use it. When the service is finished the chair can be left in place for the cleaning crew to take care of.
  • The bookstore will remain closed. If you need anything contact Brigid and arrangements will be made.
  • Commemoration (prosphora) loaves will be suspended until further notice. You will all still be remembered while preparing the Lamb before Liturgy. If you wish to have others, not on the parish list remembered, please make a list and bring it to the side altar before 9:25am.
  • Coffee hour is suspended until further notice.
  • Live wires is suspended until further notice.

Thank you all for your patience the last few months, and thank God we are now moving ahead. 

New cases in Connecticut are going down. This will not last forever, In the meantime we will make the best of the situation that has been given to us. 

Please be loving and respectful to all. Not all of us agree on how to handle this situation, but the one thing we must agree on is to love one another. This love will manifest itself in the respect and care we give to each other. 

God bless you all and I look forward to being with you again.

  • Father Moses