Dear Parishioners and Friends of Christ the Savior Community,

As we enter this new liturgical year, which begins with the birth of the most holy Theotokos, let us bring forth a new desire, a new dedication to serve the Lord. To follow His way, His path for our life is our sole calling, for on this path we grow in union with Him, as we step closer to Him, every day
and every year. As we look back through the years of following the Lord, let’s be thankful for what He has brought us through, but let’s not become complacent, for there is no standing on the path, there is only walking forward or backward. Like the Theotokos as a young girl, let us use our time
to run to the Lord, not forgetting what lay behind, but gazing at what lay ahead: the face of our Lord Jesus.

The Lord Bless Your month of September,
 Fr. Moses
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