Everyone is invited to join in fellowship as a great man of God, St Nektarios of Aegina, is celebrated. On Sunday, November 12 at 4:00pm, Christ the Savior Church, Southbury, will welcome visitors from across the state to a Vespers service followed by light refreshments. The Archbishop of the New England Diocese, Archbishop Nikon, will preside over this very special evening.

St. Nektarios was a saintly man who served as the Bishop of Alexandria, Egypt and Greece. Even though St. Nektarios died in 1920, his unwavering faith in God and his perseverance through many difficulties serves as inspiration for all.

This evening we also will celebrate a wonderful gift from Syria. Outside of Damascus, Syria is the Monastery of Our Lady of Saidnaya. It was built by the Emperor Justinian in 547 AD and is one of the oldest surviving Monasteries in the Middle East. A parishioner of Christ the Savior Church, commissioned the nuns there to make regal red velvet altar clothes and coverings which will be used for the first time on this very important evening.